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Fence Panel Styles

From modern to traditional, choose from several different fence panel styles to create your desired look. With our selection of fence panels, you can achieve instant curb appeal while maintaining your privacy.
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Horizontal Basket Weave Fence Panel

A true statement fence, this style packs a lot of visual impact with the beautiful bowing of the woven wood. This intricate pattern also makes for an extra sturdy structure.

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Horizontal Fence Panel

For a more contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with the clean lines of a horizontal design. This fence design offers both privacy while providing a more modern look.

Horizontal Shadow Box Fence Panel

This modern looking fence is considered the “good neighbour” fence, as the fence looks great from either side. This sturdy looking fence feels very “beefy” but modern and fashionable at the same time.

Privacy Fence Panel

If you want to visually isolate your property from onlookers, a privacy panel is the way to go. With zero spacing between boards, you can feel secure in knowing that no one can peek in.

Shadow Box Fence Panel

If you want equal amounts of depth and texture on both sides of your fence, this alternating pattern creates an interplay between wood and light in a visually pleasing way.

Top Rail Privacy Fence Panel

For a more polished looking privacy fence, a top rail panel is a great choice. Onlookers and passerby traffic will not be able to see in, and this is a very common choice for many homeowners.

Top Rail Shadow Box Fence Panel

In addition to creating depth and texture vertically, you can add a layer of horizontal visual interest with a top rail. This design feature also gives the fence an overall sturdier look.

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