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Building a fence in Southern Ontario just got easier.

We’ve made building a fence as simple as possible. Just follow the steps below to get the right fencing materials in the right amount delivered straight to your door. Save time, save money, and build a better fence. Need installation? We have you covered.

1. Select a Fence Panel Style

Choose from a variety of horizontal and vertical fence panel designs to suit the style of your home or yard.

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2. Measure your yard

If you have an existing fence that’s being replaced, measure each fence run in feet from end to end. Note the length. The next run begins at 90º to the last. Continue around the perimeter of the yard.

If you’re building a new fence, ensure you’ve located your property lines and checked if there are any underground utilities (gas, electric, cable). This is a free service in most areas.

Mark each corner with a stake where the fence will meet at 90º.

Measure the length in feet from stake to stake with a tape measure and note the length of the fence run. Continue around the perimeter of the yard.

measuring tape open on grass

3. Use our interactive Fence Calculator to determine your fencing materials.

Take the measurements of your yard, enter the length of each fence run into the fencing materials calculator. Work your way around the yard perimeter. Once complete, the fencing calculator will give you the total length of each fence part: pickets, top rail, bottom rail, and posts.

Calculate your materials
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4. Choose your payment option (if needed)

Once you’ve placed your order for fencing materials, you’ll have the option of paying in full, or paying in installments with Affirm. Just select the Affirm option at checkout, get set up with your mobile number, and get ready to build your new fence.

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5. Your fence materials are delivered straight to your door. We can also help with your installation.

Our registered contractors can also help with install (and removal). We can have your fence project completed within 3-4 weeks.

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