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The Benefits of Using Ground Contact Treated Wood

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Person using ground contact cement to hold fence post into the ground

The quality of your wood project will only be as good as the quality of the wood you use. And if your project is a fence, or one that’s close to or in contact with the ground, having the right treated wood is absolutely essential to prevent premature rotting and decay.

Not All Wood is Pressure Treated the Same

The first thing to know about treated wood is that not all pressure treating is the same. Most residential fencing and decking products are only treated for Above Ground Contact use. Products treated to this level have been chemically treated for protection against rot and pests, but they are not treated enough to withstand the increased moisture levels and insects that occur when the wood is close to or in contact with the ground.

Ground Contact Specification

At ONLY Fencing, we treat all our products to a Ground Contact specification, with a stronger chemical solution that puts more preservative into the wood. This extra treating significantly extends the overall performance and life expectancy of our fencing products, meaning you get a much longer-lasting and better-looking fence that our competition just can’t provide.

What’s more, our treating process involves separating each row of boards prior to entering the treatment facility so all six sides of the wood are free and able to receive the maximum amount of preservative into the wood. Lesser competitive products generally treat wood bundles directly from the mill that are tightly packed and don’t have sufficient space between the faces to allow the chemicals to properly treat the wood.

Your next project deserves the best, so pick a properly treated wood product that lasts, at ONLY Fencing: 

  • Protection from wood rot
  • Protection from burrowing pests like insects
  • Protection from fungal build-up
  • Protection from decay processes
  • Increased longevity 
  • Less maintenance

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